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Jul 15, 2020
So I was very lagy last week(my WIFI and ping was good) , so I started to find ways to fix this lag and after 1-2 days I found a solution and wrote a post about it, but I did not know about why or how this was caused (still don't know everything about why it is caused) but now I know some more about it

It is a easy fix, just change your LAN IP on your router
I don't want type how to do this as i have writen it on my old post (still that explainatation is crap , Just go to google) ._.

So I found some more info on this topic from my friend
TheDylanArts#0001 on discord and jensjeflensje

So this lag may be caused by your router not giving your device priority ,

when you change the IP it becomes static and your device gets priority and thus fixes lag, this is only seen in cc for some reason i don't know about Networking is more complicated then it sounds ._.
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