What's wrong with BlockWars Core?

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  1. First of all Imma admit that I haven't played as much core as Capture the flag, but I certainly played it and got some decent stats on it. So I think I have my right to opinate about this game and give my thoughts about it. You also guys can share your opinions and thoughts about it and create a debate it about it, but always comment with respect and not try to do harm.

    Well, my opinion on BlockWars Core is very easy to understad: It's boring.

    Maybe some of you freak out when reading that, since you probably are fans of core. But it's true, it is indeed boring and Imma try to convince you.

    The game lasts aprox 7 minutes, and it's composed of three phases: Building time, here you try to defend the core as good as you can. Fight time: Here you're going to spend 7 minutes of the game fighting people or breaking the core, no else action or activity that gives you any sense of having fun besides from beating up some people or breaking a block for straight 7 minutes or more, no other strategy than this. And to end: Over time, basically unlike in CTF you get there almost always, its very hard to not go on Over time, since the enemy team must of not defend or care a bit about defending the Core for you to achieve that.

    So yea, the problem is very clear, it's a very monotone game, the goal is very easy to understand does not require any sort of teamwork, strategy or skill to win a game. It also lasts for too long and doesn't really make you have fun.

    So yea, this is my opinion about the game, you all can give your opinion in the comments!
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    At least miner is in the core meta
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    True, also Core games are very long. They should give more exp, maybe 150 exp would be fine.
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    Overall, it's just takes a really long time to play one game.
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