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    This Thread is basically for you to know what to use your cubecraftgames points for

    Basically what you need to know first, they are for the whole server, meaning if you get points for Winning a Skywars round, you can use these points for the entire server.

    You can spend your points On:

    -Unlocking Skywars Kits -Unlocking Survival Games Kits
    -Unlocking Blocks for Hide N Seek

    Parkour: -Unlocking The Adventure Parkours

    Skyblock: -Buying Items that help with growing your very own Island

    Factions: -Buying Items for your Faction :p

    KitPvP: -Buy Armor, Weapons and other Items to get a higher KillStreak

    If you see someone asking what to use points for, you can link them this thread so they can check it out themselves.

    Other than that, have fun on this Server, and if someone has a question, be sure to be helpful :)
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