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Apr 23, 2022
Hi, so tree boosts cost items based on RNG comparing to ore and crop generators. You get a lot of diamonds and emeralds, or you get a lot carrots and gold, so you can buy 5x6h boosts for crops and 5x3h for ores, and in that time, you get double the diamonds, cause only 6hour cooldown, same with carrots, thats 2h of growing for 30h boost. Its random for saplings and apples. You need to wait 4 days for dark oak to grow, and 4 saplings for 1 dark oak, sometimes I get 3 to 5 saplings from one tree, but then I have to plant them so still I get almost nothing back, same with apples, low drop rate.

In my opinion, they should change the item for the boost(for example just wood, so its same as ores and later crops), it can be more wood than normal pricing, for example 1 stack of dark oak for 1 boost. Or they can make tree boosts longer, for example 16 dark oak saplings for 12h boost. What do you guys think, whats your opinion?


Mar 28, 2022
I think absolutely tree boost is not at all practical. I keep the ore boosted all the time, and the crops boosted with the extremely easy carrots. But trees… nope. Not boosted, not at all worth the price. That only is boosting the trees not an option, with fortune broken doing the final tree quests is ridiculous in itself.
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