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I strongly believe that banning a victim for warning others of a child predator on the network instead of banning the pedophile is outrageous and shows that cubecraft a "family friendly" server supports pedophilia by ignoring and muting players for speaking up

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Speedrun of geting banned for controversial topics start!


Jul 20, 2017
Hello pamparampam,

We appreciate your care about keeping other players away from possible dangers within our networks.
However, please do note that our global chats are not the place to do this. It will not mitigate the danger. You must understand anyone can make said accusations about someone else, which is why it is something we do not allow in public places such as Discord, in-game, or on the forums.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of said offences, I would highly recommend you create a player safety thread explaining the situation, to receive the necessary action taken upon them and to receive advice on other steps to take from our admin team.

Thank you in advance, have a nice rest of your day :-)
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