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The spy kit is too op

Oct 28, 2013
Since they can glitch for stuff with that kit and even spam potions at people and get a horse which is hard to kill i think the spy kit needs something like a timer before able to disguise again or something like that to remove most disadvantages for others
Oct 20, 2013
We are trying to fix that, and if the staff catch them glitching items, we kick them, and if it continues, we ban them.
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dutchyyy just banned me for bypassing cheating ban on tucky while that is not me lmao okay dutchy ik you dont like me but you just banned me for no reason
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sonic banner and pfp :o
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Lmao, where is my world record
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encontre 2 hackers con killaura sus nombres son CGuillen04_ y HGuillen97 tengo un testigo que me lo encontre en esa partida
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