Thanks for all your hard work CCGN

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    Hey guys, I used to play on this server about 2 years ago, and I loved it. It was a great server, I played with friends, met people, had fun and overall had a great time. Sadly I got busy for games, and I stopped playing minecraft in general. So I was wondering how the server was doing and I came onto the forums, and I saw how much the community of this network grew. When I played about 2 years ago, there was 4,000 people on at a time, which is amazing. But now I come back, and I see the server and the community have grew 4 or 5 times as much as it was before! I mean, you guys made a community, and a great one, where people have fun, meet new people, and play fun and creative games. That's crazy right! The community has grown so much! And this didn't just happen, it came with a lot of work. So this thread is mainly just to thank the people who put in a lot of work in the server. Me, and the whole community thank you for what you have done, and thank you for letting us enjoy the server and have fun.

    I'll start of with the CCGN Build team.
    First off all, when I used to play, the map was a big deal. I would love the maps, and they made a huge impact on my opinion of the mini-game. So I would just like to thank you guys for all your hard work on coming together and making unbelievable maps, that I couldn't even imagine to make. I mean its actually rediculous how good the builds are, like I can imagine some sick builds, but I could never actually make them in the actual game, but you guys imagine things we could never even imagine, and you actually build it into the game! And that's not even it, you have to spend a lot of time working on them, so we all thank you so much for your hard work on making these builds.

    Moderator's and helpers.
    Well, you guys help the community so much. With how good the community is, there is those people that try and come and ruin it. You guys take care of that, and on forums you guys get spammed about bans, and you have to deal with them and deal with banning people on the server aswell. You guys work very hard on trying to make the community the best you can, and you guys have done a very good job. So I would like to thank you for keeping up with all of the spam, doing your best, and working very hard to make the server's community the best it possibly can. This is why CCGN is one of the best communities on minecraft, because of the staff team.

    Well you guys have a huge part on the server. Not only you have to monitor the server, and solve problems on the forums, and help with the server, but you guys are one of the highest positions to be, so a lot of people will spam you about bans and mutes, and you guys have to handle all of them, and you do. That is a lot of work, and I honeslty don't know how you guys do it. You guys are great role models, and you guys are a big part on why CCGN is one of the best minecraft servers, and community. Thank you guys so much for your hard work!

    Owner's and developers.
    Well what can I say here. You guys have done the most for the server. You have been here from the start, constantly working on plug-ins and glitches, and I can't even run one server (I've tried, and failed). But now, you guys have to manage over 1,000 servers, bugs, plug-ins, and you guys put lots and lots of work. You guys made on of the most popular minecraft networks, and one of the best communities. You guys deserve all of it, because you have worked very hard. So I thank you for not giving up and solving puzzles, managing servers, and letting all of us enjoy your hard work.

    You guys basically give the staff and owners what they deserve! This isn't only a minecraft server, its a buissness. And the need to make profit, because the server costs a lot. You guys help them reach there goals, and make profit from all there hard work. You guys also help the server keep running. We all thank you!

    You guys are the reason this is such a good community, you guys do your ban reports, and get a lot of people banned. You guys aren't toxic, or mean, and you guys help the server in a good way. We thank all of you guys!

    Overall I just wanted to recognize everyone's on this networks hard work. I bet you it's harder then I think, but they have done it. I'm not doing this for rep, I will be honest I don't have time to play minecraft anymore and I probably won't play again, but I just wanted to thank everyone.

    Cheers :)
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    I love CCGN <3
    It is a lot in my life
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    <3 You too Buddy and I <3 CCGN
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