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    Another Tip/Tricks Forum but this is for ALL eggwars maps instead of the treehouse one
    So lets get started

    1. Never Build directly across whether you are build to the middle or to an enemy island all ways build a staircase/upwards so the bridge you built is a one way path and the only way to use it is it build upwards

    2. DON'T cover the obsidian with sandstone but use glass sometimes an enemy will break the sandstone and cover himself with sandstone so you don't get suspicious while he breaks your egg, glass is the best alternative you will see your enemy sneaking behind it , it also makes a loud noise if a piece of glass is broken and it takes some time to mine (yes you could use glowstone but glass is transparent and cheaper

    3. Kit Selector depending on Modes
    Hardcore : Egg Armor, Rabbit, Healer/Buffer, and the Shell Cracker this is the best team setup if your whole team does this you will get an advantage, dropping your kits on the ground and killing your self for other teammates to use everyone will have leather armor, carrots, golden apples/regen pots and pickaxes with Efficiency this is the best strategy
    Normal : Debuffer, Rabbit, Healer, and any kit you want everything will be neutral here but rabbit and debuffer can save your life
    Overpowered: Rabbit, Debuffer, Money bags, and Healer this will give you one of the best items and together they are kind of OP

    (Even though in hardcore its really important what kit you choose in other game modes they are pretty much neutral or under powered for that mode)

    So thats it for these tips
    Reply what you think are cool tricks/tips and i might add them to the list

    4-Distracting Enemies
    So this trick can work with 3 ways
    4.1 : Shooting arrows/ building to the enimes base while your teammate(s) build from behind them
    4.2 : having a spec talk to a specific player which is the best player on the team to prevent him from gearing up and gives u more time to gear up/ attack
    4.3 : Keep shooting arrows at the enemy base and have a teammate throw an ender pearl from above
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