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Sep 15, 2023
What is “Castle Clashers?”
It is a proposed game by me (Addictixnn6224), and this game has a unique blend of genres, from building skills, PVP and hunger games. This game is akin to Skywars, where there are around 12 islands and 1 mid-island. The map must be built around the void. This game stated that all of the players must build their own castle on their respective bases around 5 minutes before the fighting starts. This is also applicable for duos, but it takes a shorter time to build a castle, around 3 minutes. When the building time is up, the players must now prepare for fighting. They should give them 10–15 seconds of warm-up before the fight. During the fight, they are not allowed to go to Mid-Island; they need to kill all enemies first until they are left. The players must destroy the castle and kill all the enemies until one player is left, and the map will secure all of the voids automatically. This means the player can go to the mid-island to get a reward, but the player must only take 20 seconds to go to the mid-island; if it is not, the player will lose the game. The players also have two lives, which means that when one player falls into the void, they will respawn at their base, and once their lives are over, they are no longer allowed to respawn and will lose the game automatically. The materials that a player must have are: armour (netherite armour is preferred), a sword and shield, a bow and arrows, a TNT with flint and steel (you can throw a tnt like a cannon ball to destroy a castle), and a fire charge.

The objectives are:
The game must start with at least six players, up to 12 maximum players.
Every player island has two chests containing weapons, armour, foods, TNT with flint and steel, and blocks.
The mid-island has a mini-portal to finish the game.
No teaming when it is a solo game.
There are 5 minutes to build a castle, 20–30 minutes to fight, and 20 seconds to go to Mid-Island.

The rewards are varied; they can be in the following:
The best castle design (+50 exp)
The most killed (+100 exp)
The most destroyed castle (+100 exp)
The champion (+200 exp)

human being

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Jan 23, 2022
this sounds like a modified version of skywars and i don't think cubecraft really needs to spend time and effort making this
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