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Jul 17, 2014

CrustyE :

  1. Hey! I'm CrustyE and this is my staff application: I'm 13 almost 14 years old

    My Skype is: Roske001
    i have a recorder: CamTasiaStudio

    I have been playing on this server for a long time, for how long? That's hard to say. But long :D

    Timezone: GMT + 1

    What stands out for me during your time on this server?:D

  2. it's important that people are friendly, honest and especially not racist.

    Online: 1,5 H actif at Factions and the rest of the time online in chat via MCchat.

    Why am i hoping to join the CubeCraft staff Team?

    I like to help people
    I want to STOP al the hackers
    I want to make the server nice for everyone!

    What skills and/or talents could you
    contribute to the server?

    I am polite
    I have authority
    And experience

    Why should we choose you as staff?

    I was moderator before on a server
    To be Staff is not so easy as it seems,
    I know that .

    That was my STAFF APPLICATION thanks for reading!


Jul 17, 2014
A little question, i readed the staff thing of jinjo90 but how can i become, or have a change to be staff?
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