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    Maybe more than once I have received a report here , but that's not the point.

    I would just like to give some suggestions to improve the server mostly , because the truth is a very good server for Skywars , PVP , among other ways and the truth is not bad, give them some suggestions for improving it.

    Well, I start with some things in the lobby:


    1. They should improve the lobby and avoid lag in it, even so with a pc 4GB of ram or a good map you strip lobby fps slumps crashing a lot , I liked the design before previously had.

    2. There is a bug in the lobby that you spend pankour Kicks and I said " Kicked for Flying" thing that you did was spend the pankour


    Now for the little things they should add or otherwise improve you to the server.

    1. Improve ping rate is very good server , but the number of users who are playing simultaneously in Internet 1MB 2MB 3MB 4MB lagea you a lot still having the best internet . Many plugins lower fps consuming and internet .

    No truth if this works , but dedicated server configurations in the server files you'll Server.Propietaries and ports could change if you take away the spawn of monsters and little things that will make the server slightly increase its speed.

    2. Build Battle should add , since it is a very funny and played so long as adding style, also wanted to pile gameplay style counter strike , it is a way cool and played quite a lot.

    3. In these last few days have seen the update server and now prohibits ñ, r , accent and exclamation points and question is difficult to answer so still when they used to answer with good spelling.


    Now I'll be talking a little about the skywars servers and all servers.

    1. Remove the bug of the block, this bug that has to build a bridge, creating something the server takes your block ( Style troll )

    2. Remove the flying bug is a bug that much these styles of play as they play enough balls

    3. Turn on chat skywars (individual, team , etc ) , as it is very useful because your team can do something instead of talking after that and start the game itself, I wish they did as before it I could talk to chat with your team or just before the new update

    4. Implement a new system of bans , as is this? illegal user using the user tools to see what that report it with a quick command access (which already but not taken into account), and that this report reaches cubecraft and necessary action.


    I'll be talking a little about this very interesting subject

    1. Youtuber the requirements for the server are very overpriced we are in 2015 and where the majority makes a lot of gameplays , vlogs etc and is very expensive to gain subscribers, many try others do not.

    Lower it to a reasonable amount and that the server is an important person putting on winged his name [YT] that identifies you as an important person. The other ranges to stay well.

    These are some of my suggestions for my humble opinion, the server is very good server to hang only bad thing is some aspects previously explained, cubelag alive , I say cubecraft :D


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