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May 25, 2022
Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a great day/night! Today’s unique Skyblock suggestion will be about adding another statistic within Skyblock co-op profiles.

Have you ever wanted to see how many Skyblock Coins your fellow co-op members have? I’ve wanted this for a while, and that’s why today I’m suggesting that Cubecraft add the amount of Skyblock Coins that each member of a co-op has in the profile menu as a statistic. This new statistic should be added below the play time statistic.

The reason I want this is because sometimes my friends and I would try to trap and spleef each other, but we’d feel bad if we killed a member who had a ton of coins, and they’d also be mad at us. I know, the reasoning is kinda silly. But, if this were added, we’d be able to judge whether or not we should spleef that member, as we wouldn’t want them to get mad for losing lots of Skyblock Coins.

If any Java players reading think that this suggestion would also work well on the Java network, let me know and I’ll change this suggestion’s prefix from “Bedrock” to “All Networks”.

Thank you for reading this odd yet serious suggestion. If you’d like this tiny QoL update to be implemented, make sure to react with :agree:!

- Reesle 🙃
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