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Mar 17, 2014
After doing my own avatar, I would like to offer to draw others. As I have a busy school life it may take a few days to do each so you must be patient. It will take longer as I am using an art program instead of a graphical design so there is no fill tool. I would prefer to do human avatars as it is easier but to a certain extent I will do animals and others. If you wish to have your avatar drawn please use this template:

Minecraft username:
Cartoon type: (Head/upper body/full body)

I will do at least the first two and I will do them in order of who posted first. Finished cartoons will be posted on this thread for you to right click and save.
Please respect me is I say I cant do your skin as I'm not a professional artist, (I am taking art in school though)
(p.s. I have posted this chat in 'graphics' forums as well.)
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I'll be honest I have seen a lot more Teaparties whilst playing today. I wonder if the admins made it open more. If so, this is excellent work. Magnificent, actually.
Imagine playing hide and seek in the lobby at 5 in the morning.
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Congrats TC ❤
I swear, sunflowers are aliens at night
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