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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Martinocom, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Hi there!
    Every day, every evening I sit in front of my PC and I play with my friends here on this server. Well... It's fun, very fun. But something is ruining all the game: hackers.

    Ya, I know. It's not a very big notice... Hackers are everywhere, in every server, doing exactly always the same thing: ruining the game. But it's impossible to play when EVERY SINGLE ROOM (mainly on EggWars) has at least one hacker with:
    • fastplacing,
    • teleport,
    • anti knockback,
    • criticals,
    • hit spammer,
    • damage inc,
    • fly,
    • anti fall damage,
    • ...
    It's frustrating.
    I have 10 raw videos saved on my pc, all with different hackers in 10 different games. In only 4 days. It's frustrating because also the banning system is verry time-consuming and inneficient. I have no time to edit, crop, cut, remove audio and some "words that I cannot say" in a video... And remember: I have 10 of this videos.
    Many servers use /report command to give a feedback about a player, but I know that will cause many false-positives, like players that simply lags.

    Any admin present on the server? Watching some games? I never seen an admin at the poin of making this post. I know they're here and they're working on the server... but hackers are annoying and we must do something to prevent it.
    It's not difficult to implement anti-fly system, or anti-click-spammers.

    Please do something, before you lose good players.
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    We work hard to ban hackers and watch them in-game :)

    Maybe a small tip for you: You can also start recording when you see a hacker. This is easier, so you don't have to remove your audio, crop, cut etc.

    As for now, hackers are getting banned every day so less hackers will able to ruin your game.

    I'll lock this thread to prevent necro-posting. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me :)
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