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Serious Insult


Nov 17, 2013
Ok there are some people who plays mc who is NOT Us people but also from other country. I'm from Asia/South Korea and every time I join this server, here are some words that I hear from other players.

"Kid your Asian Shut up"
"Don't they teach genders in China"
"F*ckin Asian stfu"


This is SERIOUS problem. This is why sometimes I don't want to play on this server because of this problem. So I suggest that if people insults people like this way, they will get banned and they will not get unbanned forever.


Feb 24, 2014
on an adventure
True, this should be a wakeup call to everyone. I'm not Caucasian either and the fact that people think they can just fly by thinking this is okay is really not acceptable.
It's a serious problem that should be addressed seriously. Anyone that makes any racist remarks should be immediately muted without a doubt. I wouldn't ban them but I would mute them permanently so they have an inability to ever say anything else on this server.
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Hello y'all, sadly im banned from the discord. I've said somethings in staff-help when i didn't need help and i also did this one time before a while ago, how can you get an unban? I mean there isn't like a appeal thing or something
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