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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Undead, Feb 25, 2016.


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  1. Undead

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    Well, the concept of my idea is have something based off the servers name "Cubecraft". Two of my ideas being The Lost Cube or The Stolen Cube. So my idea behind all of this might seem similar to other servers having RPG based servers, but here's my twist, with most servers that host these RPG story lines they really have no direct ending, no big bang last fight, no suspense, no anything to get you into what makes a good game or classifies a game as a good game now a days. Lets compare.. Among The Sleep to Five Nights At Freddies. Among The Sleep has a distinguishable story line to keep you hooked from start to end of the game that gives one clear story line. Five Nights At Freddies, different story I would compare this to the typical RPG servers, you "progress" through these nights as these robots try to attack you. There is not clear story line, It's very blunt and it tries to have a story line but it throws you all over the place leaving you confused. Now back to the main topic and not banter. I think it'd be cool if there was ONE clear story line and no side quests where you can adventure with your friends to complete this task. Good reference would be Herobrines Mansion.

    Main Ideas :
    • Clear story line with a beginning and end
    • A book that indicates your current quest and what you need to complete
    • Shops and a source of currency to obtain better gear
    • Mobs with distinguishable aspects that make them special ( Mobs in a graveyard would drop graveyard loot )
    • Lore as well as a readable story line for the people who enjoy reading
    • Bosses that aren't just mobs, Bosses you have to hit buttons a certain amount of times while waves attack
    • Custom map

    Most gamemodes on Cube are all based off PvP, If not most all do. Now I understand this idea has already been accomplished and done before but if we were able to accomplish making a themed custom RPG to Cubecraft, it'd be unique and most likely not done on a lot of servers considering it would indeed take time. What do you guys think? What're your ideas?
    Hope you guys think it's a cool idea too :)

    FNAF's fanatics please don't assault me, was just using it as a reference. I know it has no relevance to RPG's I was using it to compare story lines.
  2. Deestinyer

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    I'm not involved with Five Nights at Freddy's in particular, so this concept confuses me slightly.

    Anyway, I love love love rpgames.
    Though, I'm very unsure about an rpg being introduced on cubecraft.

    They take a long time to make. The content team would have to sacrifice days, weeks and months to come up with quests, balances bosses, armor, weapons, loot... honestly? I could go on for eternity.

    The lore, it would require to be mass developed for it to be interesting and not a complete waste of time.

    I was wondering, maybe not a full-on rpg game, but a minor adventure mode type of story - where you're guided into certain areas to read the story of cubecraft
    Could be fun.

    Edit: Overall, if the project is meant to be on a big scale - I doubt it would work, as the core staff have other games on the network to worry about - and I'm almost certain that a quality rpg would require all the sacrifice.
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