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May 27, 2020
damn i wish i knew this existed before i tried to download it through my server files. definitely would have saved some time but I am glad it's here for anyone to download.
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Mar 18, 2017
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Hi all! I just updated this thread to contain the latest lucky islands textures (and the old 2015 one, for those of you who want to feel nostalgic). I was surprised to see that the pack got downloaded over 7800 times. I'm glad that I helped all those people!


Aug 11, 2022
View attachment 177266
Hello there!
Here's the official Lucky Islands resource pack, so you don't have to install the pack every time you want to play a game of Lucky Islands! Isn't that easy?
You can even choose between three different versions of the resource pack:
  • September 2020 resource pack
  • November 2017 resource pack
  • August 2015 resource pack

Would you like your lucky blocks in a different colour? Click here and pick your favourite colour!

Download links

Fancy Lucky Islands Resource Pack (September 2020)

Fast Lucky Islands Resource Pack (September 2020)

Lucky Islands Resource Pack (November 2017)

Lucky Islands Resource Pack (August 2015)

Press the download button to download the resource pack!

The Lucky Islands resource pack comes with textures of the Lucky Block, the Pig King hat and all of the wands in-game. Click the spoiler to see some of the awesome items.
Frost Path Wand
View attachment 149166

Invisibility Wand
View attachment 149168

Regeneration Wand
View attachment 149171

Shield Wand
View attachment 149172

Slime Wand
View attachment 149173

TNT Wand
View attachment 149174

Fire Breath Wand
View attachment 149165

Good Potion Wand
View attachment 149167

Bad Potion Wand
View attachment 149164

Pig King Hat
View attachment 149170
Thanks for reading!
If anything needs to be added or changed, feel free to reply to the thread!

Extra Information
Make sure to put this resource pack on top of your other resource packs.

Thanks to @StorySays for making these awesome packs!
I now finally don’t need to wait 10 minutes to download these textures thanks man 😂☺️
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