[Re-suggestion]2 new TD mobs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by agent320, Nov 20, 2016.

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    So a while ago I made a suggestion for 2 new tower defence mobs but in the wrong forums section. Today I will resuggest it here.

    My suggestion for tower defence is to add 2 new mobs:

    -the enderman
    -the mini wither

    So lets start with the enderman:

    Tower invincibility: archer turret leach(only beam not shockwave)
    weakness: ice towers make him almost immovable
    (strengthened erfect)

    Speed: like witch


    special ability: It makes nearby mobs invisible. Making them immune to anything but mage and ice.This will not effect any flying mob or any mob that is bigger or as big as the enderman itself(giants, wither, wither skeletons and other endermans).

    unlock price: 500 EXP(maybe not enough tell me in the replies below)

    sending price: 1000 coins(i am also not sure how much is good here)

    special notes:his ability also wont affect the next mob I am suggesting.

    The mini wither:
    As some of you might now you can make wither bigger or smaller using the Invul tag that they have. So you can create things like this(this is vanilla not a mod try it for yourself: /summon Wither ~ ~ ~ {Invul:800,CustomName:"Grumm"}
    /summon Wither ~ ~ ~ {Invul:100000,CustomName:"Grumm"}
    or this(what my idea is):
    Speed: a little bit faster than the big wither but slower than a giant.
    health: between giant and wither(closer towards giant)

    unlock cost: 2000 exp
    send cost: 9000-10000 coins(tell me what you think is good).

    tower invulnurability and weakness: Like wither.

    special abilities: It shoots a witherskull at a random tower about as often as the wither. But the projectiles wont destroy the tower. They will just demote it. with an 80% chance it will be demoted by one level with an 18% chance by 2 levels and with a 2% Chance by 3 levels. when a level 1 tower gets demoted it wont get demoted but the cost for the next upgrade is doubled. Also the mini wither has a 10% chance to turn a skeleton that is passing him into a wither skeleton.

    Tell me what you think below