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Jul 25, 2019
Well, this idea came from Chaos SkyWars, a game where there are only 4 players per game and 2 players are needed to start, so it could be a great addition to both bedrock and java, although I still don't know why we don't have Chaos SkyWars on java...

What is Race Lucky Blocks?
The game would consist of 4 paths (1 path per player) where you will find Lucky Blocks to obtain loot, the idea is simple.
Players have 5 minutes to break all the lucky blocks on their path. After 5 minutes all players will be teleported to an arena to fight (there will be 10 seconds before the pvp is activated).

  • What happens if a person completes their path?
Well, the paths are obviously not infinite, you can find maybe 15 or 25 lucky blocks, at the end of the path there will be a presure plate that the player who finished first (if they don't want to wait the remaining time of the 5 minutes) can press, it will appear a message in the chat saying that all players will be teleported to the arena in 15 seconds.

The last player wins.
+100 exp and +5 points

Note: There are not voting options (Normal, Blessed, Crazy)

What is Mini Eggwars?
4 people, 4 main islands, 1 mid island, some submid islands (depends on the map)
The point is that there will be 4 players and the essence of EggWars will be the same except for the voting options

Items: Normal and OP
Health: Normal and Double
* Break Egg: 1 hit and 3 hit (1 hit by defect)

1 hit
When you hit an egg it will break (like classic eggwars) but if you do an Elimination you will be teleported to your island

3 hits
When you hit an egg you will be teleported to your island and so on until you break the egg (3 hits).
If you break the egg you will be teleported to your island, but the player of that egg is automatically eliminated

Note: When you are teleported to your island you will have the same hearths you had.

Last player wins.
+150 exp and +15 points
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