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Jan 4, 2019
This is a small suggestion but I would like to see a setting to move the health bar to be under players' usernames on Bedrock but this suggestion can also be applied to Java, that's why all networks prefix is used instead of Bedrock.

The reason for the suggestion is because most of the time when fighting your opponents, you can't focus on how much health they have because it's out of your field of view, instead their username is usually in your view, it's normally the opposite on other servers.

When CubeCraft was implementing health bars, they originally made the health bar under the username but I never understood why they moved it to be above the username of players, without the option to change it to be below the username of players.

Screenshot of how health bar should look like to you when you enable the setting:


Of course, this will apply to both number and hearts settings

What do you think of the suggestion?
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