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Jul 13, 2021
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This post belongs to the feedback forums. I'm unclear about your statement, As Muhh mentioned, the anticheat system is currently being actively developed. It would be greatly beneficial for the developers if you could provide any specific issues or observations regarding the anticheat that you have noticed. If you encounter any cheaters, I recommend using the "/sr" command or reporting them through the player reports subforum.
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To answer your question, I changed from playing OP to Normal since the start of Season 2.
The reason I did that is because OP became slower paced and has netherite armor, while normal doesn't have netherite armor and has leather armor.
Even though OP was updated to have protection 1 and double gens, the games became way too hectic so I stayed on Normal mode because I'm used to it
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Thankies for the follow c:
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