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Jun 15, 2020
Hey all, new suggestions is here but this is repost
this old thread made by Toxuka https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ping-roles.275690/
so its already Escalated but staff forgot it
i just copy bc why not? :v
Giveaways @Giveaway
Acquire pinged toward every giveaway.

it will help the staff team to mention people who are interested regarding the Giveaways.

events @events
Acquire pinged toward every event

it will help the staff team to mention people who are interested in the events

Update @SmallUpdate
Acquire pinged toward every update

Changelog @changelog
Ping for small news if people see fix/added/updated

Make a new channel "reaction roles"
if people select ping roles use reaction and if people want remove reaction roles u can unreaction

How it will works?

1- I believe developers can add in the passport options for auto role and people can choice whatever they would like
2- or I believe the admin team can add channel auto roles and people can choose whatever they would love

Thanks for reading xd xd


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Nov 15, 2016

You can follow the #changelog and #announcement channels if you really want to be kept up to date with events/small updates/giveaways. In some of these cases, the entire server also gets pinged. Doesn't exactly seem necessary to have ping roles when there are alternatives that are easy to use.
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Apr 7, 2021
so many disagreed lol and people saying messy im done with this bc my iq suggestion is low
All suggestions are great in their own way, although it didn’t get accepted you know it was a good suggestion to yourself. People mainly focus on helpful things that need to be implemented rather than a small feature (even if it’s good). I get that people disagreeing is demotivating and makes you think your idea is bad, but don’t worry it’s not. Keep ur head up, and keep the good suggestions comin bro :)
- Adam
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