Part 2 On the Previous Post "A Post on several things I found wrong with the rules and fixes."

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by WoWguy, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Ok first of all, My other post was closed for replies. This Second Message Goes to OrangeGrapeEater. In my other post I mention I talked to A mod, not specifically you. The 3rd message goes to SGTkuzey. If the point of creative is to build stuff, isn't creating things like Hunger Games Maps and Parkour maps considered building? You're still creating something, it doesn't necessarily have to be houses, pixel art, etc.
    Back to the KitPvP issues. TerrariaLover11, I do realize that people have to donate to keep the server going, but KitPvP should at least provide a level-up that can be purchased with points or another type of currency. Cutting away one level of perks from KitPvP and adding perks to the "Games Server" could balance it out.
    SuperxSnap, When you said "stone kind" were you referring to the fact that I have not donated and that you think I am mad because I haven't? If so, I am demanding more free kits just because I am not a donator. And I do realize that staff have families and other needs too. But sometimes when they are on, they often don't respond to people. And it's not because they're busy with other issues. Some staff get distracted with others and they never really seem to help anyways.
    Back to OrangeGrapeEater. The "Glitch Boots" as you call them were not really glitchy at all. In fact, you don't even lag when you put them on/use them, and no lag ever happens with them. It would not make people go "insanely fast" when used. I advertised my plot because I did not notice plot adverting was not allowed. Which is fine for me not to notice since when I started construction, several other people where advertising their plots. The "Infinity Fireworks" did not cause lag either, and sometimes only showed up on the user's screen. They did not last forever like the name states, just for a long time. None of my items where ever laggy enough to lag the entire server or send NCP messages. Most people even liked my shop and did not complain of crashing or extreme lag. In fact, after my plot was deleted, I still see people handing down the items in chat. One person said:

    "The Speedy Shoes are very cool. You should try out these items."

    A lot of people also wanted my shop to stay when I told customers that it was deleted. So if none of these claims are true, would plots also be deleted for plot advertising on a new "Hunger Games" Map?

    MinecraftPenguin21 Your idea on spam filter is the same I told SGTkazey. It is a very good idea, and I think it should be implemented in the server.
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    "If the point of creative is to build stuff, isn't creating things like Hunger Games Maps and Parkour maps considered building?"
    They are considered building.
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    dude,this thread is pointless and stupid @SGTkuzey explained the rules just fine.
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    why does this bother you so much? things are fine the way they are. nobody else is complaining.
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