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    Nobody wants to delete the maps, what people want think about the PVP, if all servers will have acutalizarse to 1.9 But that does not mean you can not modify the version, using commands You can remove the "slowness" of Swords, axes that Have Same Damage 1.9 and that can be created apples notch, whether in UHC, ETC, is ridiculous that by suggesting this put as an excuse that what the community want esque remove maps while what the community wants esque enverdad adapt the new version to the more convenient. eliminating the "slowness" of all game modes (using commands that are possible using). change damage axes, in sky wars people can create a stone sword, and it does 9 damage, whereas if you're lucky you touch a sword only for 7 with the only difference that the sword it is twice faster (0.7 rock ax speed, damage 9 -. 1.6 diamond blade speed 7 damage) is ridiculous that people can do that.
    PS: I remember that this is a suggestion of "ElPapicraftG" for owners cubecraft with the sole aim of providing a constructive opinion of the Minecraft community
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    We’ve decided to NOT support both 1.8 and 1.9 client as we want to embrace the new features in 1.9 and make the most out of them! If you’re still on a 1.8 client you won’t be able to join the server from now on so make sure you update your client to join the fun :)

    We’ve tested current gamemodes, and upcoming ones, with Minecraft 1.9 and we feel the new update is really cool. There’s new blocks and block mechanics (Such as single glass panes now being a glass “pole” - check it out at Dance Off in the Lobby) so our builders can play with these to make you cooler maps!

    We think the new 1.9 PVP mechanics are pretty nifty, we're going to monitor how it effects balance and gameplay over the coming days so you'll notice that we may tweak one or two things as time progresses!