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Christmas is coming soon and I wanted to organize something for the community! Initially I wanted to organize a server-wide Secret Santa, but I couldn't handle it on my own. Instead I will be the santa!

Now, I will try to make a gift artwork for as many people as I can! There are some rules you need to keep in mind when applying:

- Depending on how many people apply, I may not be able to finish all the artworks on time. If these people apply on my next gift thread, they will have priority.
- I will do artworks ONLY of your original characters / minecraft skins. Please do not send canon characters or stolen artwork pretending it's your character.

- You cannot choose the style of the artwork you will get.
- I will not be drawing characters that have mechanical parts or have a lot of details. Please have mercy on me.
- Characters that aren't already MC skins have a chance to get a skin as a gift!
- DO NOT SEND ME WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS PLEASE, I AM A VISUAL GUY. You can use even a Picrew maker (please credit when posting) to flesh out your idea, but please have some visuals!!

Not abiding by these will result in your post being ignored.

Alles klar? Now all you need to do to post your minecraft skin/character in this thread and I will get you on the list! Make sure the reference is clean and colored. For Minecraft skins, screenshots from different angles will help a lot.



5/12 - 10/12: Signing up for the giftlist
10/12 - 23/12: Working on the gifts
23/12 - 31/12: Delivery (Either please open your forum DMs or give me your Discord Tag so I can deliver you the artwork!)
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Aug 4, 2017
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This sounds like a great idea! From what I can see, you're very skilled at working with all of these different art styles, but I think this will also be a golden opportunity for you to further refine your skills. :)

Here's the skin;
My Discord tag is Hoshi#4193 (would prefer to get it sent there)

A lil' side note: This thingy on the chest is a cat face :)
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Jul 6, 2021
Hello,i am excited when see your post!

I don't sure what did you means in the post,is it means we can give you a picture and you can make it to art or mc skin?(anime picture can't?)

Is that picture must create by weself??


Hello,i am excited when see your post!

I don't sure what did you means in the post,is it means we can give you a picture and you can make it to art or mc skin?(anime picture can't?)

Is that picture must create by weself??
Yes, you're supposed to post here a picture of YOUR character that is either a minecraft skin, or a drawing made by you or someone else (make sure to credit the artist.) It can't be an anime or video game character, as it defeats the purpose of this thread.

If you have troubles with drawing, try using Picrew to flesh out a visual reference of your character. Again, make sure you credit the maker you used 😉
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Sep 12, 2018
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What a cute idea! I'd love to sign up to receive some of your beautiful artwork! Thank you in advance! 😄

Skin: this beauty i claimed as mine 5 years ago 😇
Discord: Blom#5339

It looks really cool already, cant wait <3
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Nov 22, 2020
Hey! That's Such a nice idea and I want to admire a bit of your work,
so I want to sign up with my Skin
I can't animate myself unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!
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Due to several conflicts with the CC community the Christmas Hub is cancelled. To those who signed up, I am very sorry for not finishing the event.

Some people are just super unappreciative and to be fair, y'all don't deserve the event.

Requested the mods to close the thread
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