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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LauraMoneybags, Sep 21, 2014.

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    So in the last few weeks we have seen the introduction of the 30 second wait between SW games and, just now, a disconnect when there are too many players. Both have exceptions for donators.

    I actually think these changes are a good thing. Given the EULA changes it's clear CCG is going to be getting less money from donators. It cannot then support the large number of players that join for free.

    All I would ask it: please give some in-game notice about the changes. Such as a chat message during the 48 hours prior to a change, and particularly in the last hours and minutes before a change. I have been kicked mid-game due to such changes more than once, today being a good example.

    n.b. I'm not a donator, but probably will be soon. It's the voting in Skywars for night-time / over-powered chests that's sealed it for me.
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    I agree fully but sometimes the owners, the only ones with the power to do it are either too busy. But even in calls when they restart the server I say why didn't you give any notice? But that's the way they run things. Since I got the power to post news threads I can finally post all new maps coming out and other changes, which I've wanted since I got builder. So I guess that's one way to keep community to date
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    Well, they DO need new methods for donating soo...