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Jan 25, 2023
I found an account I made around 6 years ago and don't remember the password to. I tried to reset the password but I guess it's not using the "passport" system so it doesn't work. I have access to the email the account is connected to but it won't send any emails. I made this account and tried to somehow link them together but I need the original password to do so. You can see why this ends up at a dead end.
Using the chat system through the help page doesn't seem to work, giving me the message "Was last active 1/2/2023" and "We are not online". Clicking "send us an email" opens up my mail app on windows and I don't want to set that up. This seems to be the only way to contact anyone reliably.

I appreciate any help given, thank you.


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Jun 19, 2017
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Please make sure to check your spam folder, the email to reset your password might've ended up there. If you are sure you didn't receive an email, please send an email to support@cubecraft.net for further assistance.
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