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    hello I want to advise them a form that came to mind:
    it is that there are 2 teams one called attackers and the other defenders defenders has a stone castle and gigaante default but will be able reforsar when they want the items will be achieved in a manner similar to that of eggwars also feature a king hearts and have more strength than others in order to avoid them is to kill the king but the king must be equipped with armor and swords that give the other defenders. the attackers will have to get their armor and swords as mining and felling skywars the aim of them is to kill the king of defenders to win the game neither team has an advantage as advocates for aus items will have to go to diamond center to seek gold or iron to run their dispensers and haci to improve your castle and its king to go downtown may find the attackers and the defender attacker can kill attackers have 2 respawns defenders have 1 as They are more in one area. atancates can destroy the dispensers with peaks diamond center if they can bring this diamond block in the center of the castle may have ellostambien dispensers and villager I HAVE MORE IDEA FOR MORE METHODS ACCEPTED IF NOT TRY TO THINK MORE