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    Basic Explanation : A month long building competition that has a system like prison. You start of in an area in which you can only get basic materials and you can sell those blocks and make money to progress to the next area. In the next area you get new blocks that would sell for more.

    Block Progression : First you start out with blocks that aren't the best for building and also don't sell for much. When you sell these blocks you will gain money that you can use to buy more areas so you can get better blocks to make your build better so you have more of a chance to win the build contest at the end of the month. There won't be a set path for buying the blocks but the higher the quality of the blocks the higher the price is for them. Another shop in the area would be one that sells tools so that you can mine things more efficiently and can get raw ore with silk touch.

    End Of Month : At the end of the month the builders from cubecraft will have a look at all the different builds and decide which ones are the best. First place would receive a rank or some kits for different game modes or even just points. Second would get a similar prize but not worth quite as much. Same as third.

    Of course this is just a simple version of what it might be but I will leave it up to your imagination to improve on it.
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    Instead of imagine new games, they staff members need to focus a bit more on update the games such as Free Build, Parkour and UHC. After that they can decide to add a new game.