New Game Mode Idea (v.2 fixing problems)

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Is there anything else I should do?

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    So, this game mode could be.... I don't know what to call it xD. I'll just explain what it is.

    The game is based on two teams or more, maybe even a solo game, all players will have TNT, not to kill the other players, but to destroy blocks and make them fall. Basically, all that will happen is the players in a game will get TNT and they have to blow the map up, their objective is to make all other players fall.
    They might get bows with explosive arrows, the map could be either medium or small, not big since they could get stuck, After 2 minutes of the battle they get a stick with Knockback II/ Punch II (Maybe, Knockback I) that they can use to push other players into the holes.

    The rules would be:
    1. All time basic rules
    2. If a player is using glitches ON PURPOSE he can get a temporal ban. (1 day up to 1 week)
    3. In solo mode, team crossing/ teaming is bannable.
    4. Rule number one includes this, but I know there's someone who never reads it. No team trolling.
    So, the only comment I got about this was that the game mode was pretty much TNT run just that you could push other players and do bow spamming and click-spam, well nope.

    1. Click spamming.
    By placing TNT you need a 2-5 second delay (Not decided yet).
    By punching other players with the Knockback I/II stick you need a 2-3 second delay (Not decided yet).

    2. For bow spamming
    For each time that you shot you need a 2-5 second delay (Not decided yet)

    EDIT: No TNT is falling down behind you, blocks can only be destroyed by the bows and the TNT.

    Comment down what else should go with it :)