New egg wars suggestion that might make u earn more money!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NoHacksJustKid, Aug 7, 2016.

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    I think for ranked players (iron till obsidian) should be allowed to hax like this everyone would start buying ranks like iron,gold,lapiz,etc and on many servers with no anticheat (ur server is no anticheat flight is bypassed) they allow hax for ranked players like mineplex hypixel and much much more
  2. Nikboo

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    No. Just no.
    This will be really unfair for those who have a stone rank. Many people would leave the network.
    Hypixel and Mineplex don't allow hacks...
    I think a staff member should lock this...
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  3. Snodia

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    This will absolutely not happen. Why would we willingly let our players hack, then have to ban them? There is an anti-cheat system on the server but the hacked clients are usually one step ahead of even the best anti-cheat systems.

    Other networks do not allow any kind of hacks. Though, how they deal with their hackers is their choice.

    This wouldn't make us money, the server would crumble into ruin.

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