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Jun 15, 2020

A suggestion was implemented a while back asking for a warning to be added to threads that were over 2 weeks old as replying to them may be an infraction on the necroposting rule, while I agree with the addition of some sort of function that would stop people from necroposting, most of the community wanted this to be done in a different way.

Instead of a warning being added to all threads that were over two weeks old instead threads would be locked after 2 weeks(where the rule applies) and no lock, or warning would be on sub forums where the rule is non applicable.

The current warning is as follows:

"It's likely that no further discussion is required, in which case we recommend starting a new thread. If however you feel your response is required you can still do so."

The piece above I have highlighted in red is completely false and misleading, from the admins/developers point of view this may have been alright but from the servers moderation point of view this is, as said before, extremely misleading. It is not true that if you personally believe your response is required you may still send it, if this happens it will be deleted as soon as a staff member sees it and you will be punished.

The same reasoning I will use for sub forums/threads that the rules doesn't apply to; there is no reason to show the warning as the rules does not apply.

I believe where the rule applies threads should be locked completely as no matter what, the users post will be deleted immediately and they will be punished. And the same goes for places where it is allowed to post after three weeks; news posts, forum games, introductions, forwarded suggestions, or pinned threads should have no warning as it is not breaking the rules to reply on them.

Also why are all of these web suggestions being denied, and I'm not talking about all web suggestions, it seems internal suggestions are always being implemented to the forums yet community suggestions aren't allowed to be implemented?

"Home" changing to "Featured"? Seems simple, yet "UTC" cant be added to the appeals site? - It's three letters

You can add loads of unneeded report reasons to the reports site yet you can't make it so when you click your reaction score it links you to the "reactions received" page?

You can change the reports page links but you cant add a little "claimed" next to trophies people have claimed?

Are small qol community suggestions not important? Its clear at least one of the developers is able to do these changes for the admin who wants "home" to be changed to "featured" and the others mentioned above, but when its a member wanting "UTC" to be added to the appeal site, which in my opinion is way more important seen as it literally tells you when you'll be unbanned/unmute yet changing home to featured was for nothing and helps no one?

the last bit is a "P.S".. Agree :agree: if you agree with the necroposting bit
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