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My opinion about all the gamemodes (1.8)


May 5, 2019
Lucid dreams
I will give here my opinion about all the 1.8 gamemodes and rank them because my opinion changed a lot since I started playing duels

Lucky islands 7/10
I really like the game because it's something else than just a normal Skywars, I don't play this game for pvp but more for fun

Skywars 6/10
So Skywars...
Since I started playing practice on severers I started "hating" Skywars, Why? Because I think that Skywars is just not that fair if you want real pvp: The void, the cleaners, unfair wapens and amour ect. So I don't like it that much now.

Eggwars 6.5/10
Eggwars is a lot more fair than Skywars but still I don't think that it has the "real" pvp experience.

Duels 9/10
I really love duels!
It just has the "real" pvp experience for me. The only problem for me with duels now is that your wins doesn't count on 1.8. hope they fix that in the future :D.

FFA 9/10
I like FFA because you can just chill there or fight and MOST of the time there are fair fights. My main game atm is FFA

So this is my opinion about the gamemodes.
Let me know what your opinion is

Have a good day :D
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