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My CubeCraft Life


Feb 6, 2014
My CubeCraft Life

Thanks to Severe, i decided to make my own story of my cubecraft life. So, here i go:

Me and my friend had a sleepover in August and we decided to do parkour the whole night. But first, we were searching on the internet, for a good server, it taked a long time to find a good server (CubeCraft) so we spent about 1 hour at finding the perfect server. When we joined the server we directly ran to the parkour server, and started with the melon stage, and then wool. But we got really tired at parkour after so many rage quits, so we decided to play some kit pvp. I loved kit PvP and when i went to sleep i were so exited for the next day, because i wanted to play more.

I loved CCG so much and i played on it a lot. And finally, in November, i buyed iron. And then, kit PvP got much funnier. Buying iron made me play more and more on the server and it became more and more funnier. In the beginning of February i decided to build a user parkour to CubeCraft. I built it on 4 hours, but, i didn’t know how to share it. After a while of searching i found the information place for parkour builders. Then i visited the forums and shared it, but nearly no one answered. I did have my account for about 20 days, before i became active. I met a lot of nice guys, e.g. Plastic, Severe, Gedas on the forums and on the server. And now I’m here, writing a short story for CubeCraft players.
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