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my CCG story!


Mar 17, 2014
The chair in between good and evil
ok everyone is doing this, mine isn't interesting but YOLO lets jump right into it.

my CCG story began around january 2013 maybe a month or so before. the only thing i really played was Kit PVP. soon i tried some of the other things, but that kit pvp became my life. (around now the lobby changed) eventually i saw a character with a a strange orange name tag...it was @Claudia she was the first mod I met. sick of being ignored, and getting wrecked by donor in kit pvp, i bought lapis, my dad wasn't happy with what i bought. i however was quite satisfied. i become friends with Claudia at now i think, then one fateful day in a lobby i asked @SGTkuzey how to become mod or admin, of course he said "you don't" i was confused because @SevereWarning at just become a mod. somehow i figured it out. i began to make new friends on kit pvp @AwkwardCanadian @MadGab210 @Dancer521. then factions came out. I made many more friends like @Saffron<3 @OrangeGrapeEater @PixelGaming and many others. on creative, i made friends with @LaserDolphin77 and, others. after that i went on forums, made a account, and 1 month later here i am.

and i have said that if i didn't know about CCG, i would almost never play MC
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