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Jan 4, 2019
Title is self explanatory. I would like to have players connected to the EU bungee cord get moved to NA games instead of Asia games at night/midnight.
Most games already do this, but not every single game on the server does that. For example, Solo SkyWars and SG move EU players to Asia server rather than NA servers at night/midnight.
The benefit of this suggestion is that players will get lower ping when moved to NA servers than if they were to get moved to Asia servers.
The table below will show the estimated ping range for players living in regions that connect to the EU bungee cord.

NA ServerAsia Server
Players living in Europe110 ms190 ms
Players living in West Asia200 ms300 ms

By implementing this suggestion, most players pings will be reduced at night/midnight while at the same time, NA players are still online at the time EU players are moved. Players in West Asia have lower ping to the EU server than to the Asian server.
The only drawback to this suggestion is that Asian players will have less players to play with in their region.

What do you think of the suggestion? Comment your opinions below

Edit: I didn't make one for NA or Asian players being moved to another region because I'm not an NA or Asian player, so I can't collect that data. The only way I can get this data is if NA or Asian players let me know. I think NA players get moved to EU servers at night/midnight, and for Asian players, most likely EU servers as well because Singapore is closer to France than Canada.
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Apr 9, 2020
Czech Republic
Nice idea, I don't know how many players are from Asia, but if it isn't a little, then the drawbacks of implementing this may not be even noticable.
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Jan 4, 2019
I’m not European but I have a friend who moved there and he complains about his ping when gaming at night
That’s the goal of the suggestion, Asian ping is too high and is unplayable in most countries. Being moved to NA will lower the ping by 100, will make it playable for most people. I lost fights I shouldn’t have lost due to Asian ping
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