Money wolfs

Discussion in 'Assassins' started by LamiPress, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Dude do you guys even care about all the hackers? or are you just hungry money wolfs
    Even free servers with 50 ppl a day have better anti cheats plugins Lmao

    Please do something about the assassination hackers pls download anti-cheat or get active mods PLS

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    "Money wolfs"
    Ok so, here's a list of things I need to tell you:
    1: Learn to spell
    2: Free servers with 50 "ppl" a day are easier to handle than the third biggest server in MC.
    3: We already have NoCheatPlus
    4: Our mods are ALWAYS active, but there are a lot of hackers.
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  3. There's an anti-cheat in development.

    We're doing our best to spectate on games like assassinations and kitPvP, we do have lives, school etc. Which means that we can't always be online.
    Helper applications are still open so hopefully, new helpers will get selected in the near future to strengthen our team :).

    Hope that this answers your questions, if not, feel free to send me a private message

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