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Money Walls - Rusher's guide (SOLO-TEAMS) [ENG]

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by NooblyPVPGod, Sep 2, 2015.


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  1. NooblyPVPGod

    NooblyPVPGod Member

    Aug 3, 2015
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    Step 1:

    Pick your kit, make sure you choose something that will defend you from the mobs,
    Personally the best starter kits to RUSH with are Money Man Or Default Kit (Stone sword)
    Step 2:
    Once you have your kit you never EVER upgrade ANY generators and only buy 1 to start it up.
    If you do so you will get overrun and you will most likely die. The best thing to do is to keep pushing the zombies away and grind for 14
    total diamonds. Once you have 14. make an iron chestplate, iron leggings, Iron boots and a Iron sword, you should be at about 4-5 minutes left before walls drop. You do not have a helmet so what you
    do is run over do the gold generator and get yourself a chain helmet (NOTE: Chain, gold & Iron give you the same resistance and armour bars,
    except gold and chain die quicker (which won't matter)
    Step 3:
    Get approximately 30-40 carrots and then you go over to the gold generator and get about 5+ golden apples (depends how much time is left)
    Step 4:
    Run to the wall closet to the emerald generator and try to hold it down (even if you're the only one there. be aggressive) collect a minimum of 17 emeralds before you leave, stay there
    as long as possible before enemies overrun you and almost kill you.
    Step 5:
    Run back to your base and make yourself whatever you can. (prioritize higher tier weaponry over armour). Then try and run back to mid and conquer middle
    (you should be the only one with diamond armour if executed correctly) and can stomp on everyone else, building up more and more emeralds to make OP apples, prot 2 and dominate the rest of the game.
    Step 6:
    Now, everything is set, you got all the goods. Half of the people in the game have rage quitted and you're completely stacked (with other people if they assisted you) the final thing to do is kill everyone and their king,
    it's very simple just go back get a pickaxe and raise havoc.
    Step 7:
    Now you've won (hopefully) and you destroyed everyone in your path. Play more and win all of these >:D

    This may sound easier than done, it's a simple strategy but you cant be such a fool and still win you need skill.

    1> PvP is important, make sure you have a decent knowledge and skill of pvp.
    2> At the beginning it is OK to be greedy (since 75% of your team won't reply with any communication)
    3> This strategy can work with more than 1 player (it can actually work with a team of 5, you need to be speedy)
    4> This works on all maps, Volcano being the easiest and Prison being the hardest (Map control is difficult in those towers)
    5> If you have extra time bring blocks to try and block off mid.

    PS: Don't join my game if you know this strategy ;)

    Thanks! ~Noobly

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  2. TheMatthias69

    TheMatthias69 Member

    Feb 5, 2015
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    Wow thanks this is very helpfull!