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May 28, 2020
Bobux Secret Laboratory
So the other day, I thought to myself "What if I play on an empty and depressing flat world with nothing but just a stone and several ores?". Then I decided to generate a custom flat world and load it up. I invited my friend and my little sister to join me in this world. Luckily they're interested.


We've been playing on this empty stone world for probably a year now. The world started as me and my friends spawn at 0,0 with nothing but just a small tree in front of us. Underneath the tree is a single dirt block.

The map consists of several layers. The first few layers is just stone and then few layers of coal, then there's 1 layer of gravel and around 10 or 15 layers of gold ore and the last layer is just 1 layer of iron and underneath them is lava and then bedrock.

We grinded the map quite a lot and we even made cool looking mob farm, storage area, house and whatever this is...

(I lost the screenshot of the mob grinder and the storage area but you can clearly see them from the first picture)

Funny story about the house really. I'm pretty bad at making houses especially the roof. Instead of making a house without a roof. I decided to spam bunch of leaves and hope it'll turn out pretty great. And fortunately, I'm lucky and it does turned out pretty great.

(and yes on the left side of the screen, behind the nether portal, there's an end portal, idk how it's there but it's there.)

As of right now, we're planning to go to the end, beat the dragon and get elytra for everyone.
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