Maps in Lucky Islands and other games.

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    As far as I know there are 4 unique maps in Lucky Islands Solo, am I right?
    These are: Trees, Frost, Art and Forest.
    As you know this is the Lucky Islands Solo board: e205e6ebca4d83ff4931a30e74c19bd1.png

    4 Maps,
    25 signs,
    6 Frost maps,
    3 Forest maps
    13 Art maps,
    and 2 Trees maps.

    Forest and Trees are the lowest rating of maps on one board, as we all know this happens in other games like Skywars, Eggwars and other games.... So I was wondering maybe the chance of maps can be all equal? Those that have a low chance of showing up are the MOST played maps usually and it's kind of annoying, what do you guys think?