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Jul 17, 2022
The current crystal pvp kit is not that good. When you play it doesnt feel like real crystal pvp, hitcrystaling is hard to do with the iron armor. People can just spam crystals to win, which isnt fun. I have a suggestion of how the kit could be. It isn't super op I think it would be good.
It has protection 2 and blast prot 2 on diamond armor. Normal diamond sword, normal bow pick with eff 2.
with this kit the fight wont take 5 minutes, and it will feel fun for crystal pvpers. hope this suggestion gets added :D
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Just wondering, did someone report me or did i just send too many msgs bcause i was just testing out my signature and seeing if it works im sorry if it annoyed anyone, i just joined and i was testing out things. Can i still reply to posts and things bcause it said that u may not be able to do somethings u used to be able to. Anyway im sry for anoying people and i wasnt trying to be annoying.
Has someone a great survival seed?? With the useful coords?
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Are you mad at CC and trying to show them that you don’t care about your ban even if you actually do care? That’s what it seems like tbh.
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