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Dec 7, 2016
My Original Suggestion: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/kits-for-blockwars.250796/
I'm reposting this because despite it receiving almost universal support along with an "Escalated" tag, nothing seems to have come of it.
My hope is that with this new system we can finally get something to make Blockwars games more diverse and strategic.

To support this thread, add an Agree reaction at the bottom instead of using a poll.


The release of Blockwars on bedrock brought a very different experience than the java version and the lack of kits was a part of that. Blockwars kits are unique to any other game because you can change your kit every time you respawn so you can always adjust for the situation you are in, adding a whole other layer of strategy. The kit menu will pop up every time you die so you can pick a new one.

The exclusion of java kits in bedrock was a smart idea because they don't fit the game mode, but a set of kits tailored for bedrock is another story! The idea of these kits is to not be drastically dissimilar to one another, so they are all based on the normal tools and armour, with slight variations. This means the kits are much easier to balance and stick more to the formula of bedrock by having no abilities that would take focus away from what makes bedrock different.

I've discussed these kits on the Blockwars community server and everyone seems happy with the ideas and balance after a lot of deliberation, but I'd like to take the time to explain my choices so it's completely clear.

Just so everyone can understand, currently there are no kits and every player is given this set of

tools with full leather armour at the start of build time, which you keep into fight time and respawn with. You also don't get teleported back to spawn at the end of build time so positioning is important. You are able to break any block on the map apart from protected areas at any time but you won't always get the block you mined after build time. There are iron and diamond ores around the map ( both can be collected with a stone pickaxe ) alongside crafting tables to craft armour and tools.


Warrior, like Java is the default kit so if no kit is chosen, you will be given this. It features the basic gear like any other kit but with the advantage of 2 extra armour points by having a chain helmet and iron boots. This adds extra protection straight away without the need to mine. Secondarily, due to the extra armour, you can stack that with also collecting ores to further boost your armour. This leaves the decision whether to choose this or the upcoming lucky kit if you want to go for ores, to either have an armour boost straight away or do you want a better investment to get more gear?


Barbarian is the kit to choose when you just want a bit more damage with the extra benefit of some wood chopping speed with an iron axe. Weapons have custom damage values on cubecraft so an iron axe does 5.5 damage while a stone sword has 5, so you get a nice 10% damage bonus for an edge in fights. Pick this kit if you want to focus on attacking and blasting through enemy defences, when ores are not your priority. If you want to have a look at what bedrock damage values are in detail: click here.

Barbarian now had it's logs crafted into 32 wooden planks with an extra 16 sticks. This makes crafting much simpler with this kit and generally saves time to get into battle!


Hunter is similar to barbarian in that it's a simple boost to damage. If you are confident with the bow, you can make the most out of it with it with a ton of extra damage. The power 1 bow has 50% extra damage compared to a normal one so it's sure to hurt. I've not included any extra arrows because 32 is already a lot but this kit is subject to change as I can't really playtest these.

A few weakness arrows could also be included as those could be a great counter to enemies with strong gear, giving a specific reason to choose the kit.


Lucky gives you a fortune 2 stone pickaxe for maximum mining rewards. Fortune 2 gives an average of 1.75x drops from ores with a max of 3 from one ore. As noted earlier you are able to get diamonds with a stone or even wooden pickaxe on Blockwars so this isn't just useful for getting iron. The downside of this kit is that it has weaker starting gear than any other kit with a wooden sword and a wooden axe so if you get caught mining, you might struggle to fight back. This kit has a lot of risk but a lot of reward.


Builder is a pretty simple kit by simply giving you double the number of blocks. This kit is useful if you want extra protection for your base or you want to do lots of bridging for a great pathway to the other side. This kit is especially useful for creating "headhitters" as you often run out of blocks when building and you need more to protect yourself at the enemy base. This will be a great kit to use in build time so when you respawn you can switch to something else.


Breaker is a bit different to the other kits with permanent haste 1. This kit is useful when you want to break into the enemy defence quickly or mine blocks around the flag to make a trap for enemy players to get stuck in or simply boosting ore gathering without the risks of lucky. Breaker acts like a general boost to many parts of the game rather than a specialist kit so if you are unsure what to focus on, you can pick breaker and not have to worry!


Survivor is the perfect kit to get you out of a tight situation with a health potion for 6 hearts and immunity to fall damage. The survivors potion can be very powerful, but it takes time to drink so using it mid fight might not work out in your favour and once it's gone, it's gone. The fall damage immunity can allow you to run with the flag and fall without a scratch while anyone chasing you will suffer the consequences. Survivor is the best kit to use if you are dying a lot and need some leverage in some sticky situations.

That's it for the kits! The lucky number 7. If you have any queries about the balancing, ideas or anything else, please say below!​
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Jul 31, 2017
Since i don't play bedrock i am not going to vote on this one but i can tell this is a really good thread!

I hope Cube will do something with this (;
Jul 31, 2020
well I hadnt played on bedrock but those kits sounds very good, but tbh I would prefer to see java kits in bedrock bw
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