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Kit Suggestions


Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
Seems like the Spy kit is now gone. Soo there's a spot for new kits! Soo here's some suggestions i've got.

Let's start with:

Kit name: Farmer
Special abillity/weapon: Stick (Seed shooting gun)
Leather tunic(Color: DEFAULT)

Weapon: Stone Hoe (Sharpness 2)
Armor:Leather tunic, Chain leggings, Chain boots.

Weapon: Iron Hoe (Sharpness 3)
Armor: Leather tunic (Protection 1), Chain leggings, Chain boots(Feather falling 1, Protection 1)

Diamond Hoe (Sharpness 4)
Armor: Chain chestplate (Protection 2), Chain leggings(Protection 1), Iron boots(Feather falling 2, Protection 2)

Diamond Hoe (Sharpness 5)
Armor: Chain chestplate(Protection 3), Chain leggings(Protection 2), Iron boots(Feather falling 3, Protection 3)

Diamond Hoe (Sharpness 6)
Armor: Chain set(Protection 4) Iron boots(Feather falling 3, Protection 4)

Diamond Hoe (Sharpness 7)
Armor: Chain set(Protection 5) Iron boots(Feather falling 4, Protection 5)

Let me explain how the gun works: The farmer has "Seeds" The seeds are used as the stick's ammo. If the player presses RMB(Right Mouse Button) it shoots a green thingy(Of course i have no idea what's the green thingy can be, but it just shoots something), If the player has no ammo, and presses RMB on the "Seed shooting gun", in the chat it will say "No seeds to shoot are left.", also the "Seed shooting gun" would be cool to rename, cause i don't really know a good unique name.


Kit name: Thief
Special abillity/weapon: Flower pot (Pocket)
Leather set(Color: Black)

The same kit as a "Spy" had, but the armor color is black.

And let me explain the special weapon: Firstable, let's start what does it do, well, if the enemy player stands still, the player that uses the thief kit, has a chance of getting random item from enemy player's inventory. Of course, not just by one click, but by clicking on the enemy player, and waiting about 5-20 sec.
Soo the idea is, that the thief can rob other player. That would be funny if a AFK player comes back, and sees his inventory empty, haha.

Soo that's kind of all the kits i thinked of soo far.

Of course, i will totally post more kit ideas in this thread later, if i will think off some of course.

If you like the kits, hopfully it will be in-game.
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