Kit Farming and How to Report It

Discussion in 'PvP' started by PinkStr3ak, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Kit Farming has been a big problem in the Kit PvP servers recently. For those of you who don't know what it is:

    • Kit Farming is the act of spawning in multiple kits for yourself (or friends) to gain an unfair advantage over other players. You are only allowed 1 kit per spawn.
    • It is also considered Kit Farming when a higher rank spawns in donor kits to players with stone ranks. *If you want a higher rank, you have to donate.* (For example, a gold rank giving a Level 4 kit to a stone; an emerald rank giving an Level 6 kit to a lapiz rank.) It becomes a bigger problem when an obsidian rank gives away OP kits to lower ranks, as it is very exclusive.

    Kit Farming can be very tough to spot, but it is possible, if you have enough patience. It could usually be spotted by a donor throwing high-level gear on the ground for a lower rank (However, with the new disposal system, this is no longer the case.) Now, spotting Kit Farming can be done by watching the chat. There are a few other ways you can know for sure if a player is breaking this rule, and report it.
    • If one player is saying "kill me" on occasion, that is a sign that they might be farming. If they keep respawning over and over, that is a sure sign.
    • Sometimes, a player will say "kill me" even if they aren't farming. They might want to leave the server, and so they get someone to kill them. If they don't respawn, then that is the case.
    • You can take screenshots of the chat to report someone for kit farming, however, you must provide video proof of kit farming as well. All video evidence is strongly recommended.
    And remember: EVERY FORM OF KIT FARMING IS PUNISHABLE BY TEMP BAN OR PERMANENT BAN (depending how badly the rule was offended.)

    Follow these tips to keep CCG fair and clean. Good luck!


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