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i hate hackers1234

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Sep 5, 2022
ok, so I was playing eggwars and this for some reason all but one of my teammates left and it was a 2v1 with and oponent without an egg. the person was bad at pvp but had diamond armour so I couldnt kill him, but for some reason all my teammate was doing was breaking the bridge. he was litterally breaking the bridge without even bothering to buy a pickaxe with his fist. I msg him to help but he said ok and didnt do anything and like he did this for 15 min straight until we lost the game can I have video evidence so can I report this person for camping at least or something?


Jul 20, 2017
Hello @i hate hackers1234

Breaking the bridge from your island to the middle of the map can be considered trolling. If you have a video of the player doing this, you can still report it here as long as the clip is less than 14 days old.

Have a nice day,
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