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  • It is too easy, and it should stay this way

    Votes: 11 57.9%
  • It is too easy, and it should be harder

    Votes: 7 36.8%
  • Too difficult

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Mar 10, 2017
Is MinerWare Too Easy?

I made a short video in which I showcase just how easy MinerWare is. Most games can be won without putting in any effort at all.
I believe games should become more challenging.

Most games that have a 20 second timer really could do with a 10 or even 8 second timer.
Almost all games are either way too easy or luck based. There are no games that I lose that I feel like I could have won if I had tried harder. The "get to the ground without dying" game could really be from twice or even thrice as high and I still would easily win it. Mr Blobbo should want 60 nutrition and maybe then it would be a real challenge to get it done in time.

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May 14, 2019
Mineware is based on who can win the most minigames. If you believe you can easily win microgames, good job! But when looking on the right there are a lot of people struggling (especially in hard mode). The 3rd winner would most of the time gather only 9 points or so. Meaning it is still for some just starting out a hard game. That is why I don’t believe it should be made harder.
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Jul 19, 2021
Nice video but don't you yourself see the irony in it? Most micro games are extremely easy and most minerware games are about the ones who is going to make a slight mistake. I don't think everything on the server needs to be hard, hard mode on minerware is already OK if you're looking for a challenge IMO.
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