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    Hello Staff Cubecraft and Members Of CubeCraft!
    In My Opinion, CubeCraft Server Come A Time A Worse, Sorry For Say That.
    I Have 3 Accounts... With Names:
    -OneLastTime (VIP/Obsidian)
    -YouKnowIKillYou (VIP/Diamond)
    - _ChubbyBunny_Ak (VIP/Emerald)
    And I Go Sale My All Accounts, To Me Never Play More In CubeCraft, Since Some Months Back Comes To Worsen.
    Another Think, Do Not Think They Have Many Staffs? And From What I See, The Staffs(Helpers) Don't Have Much Reports, Messages and Help People, And Because Only Have A Good Applying.... Really Staff? Please Think! See The Guys Donate In VIPS And More( I Don't Talk To Give Me Helper) I Talk To For Example Chappie_AK/ ForGiveMe_/Zelready And More Guys..
    One More Thing, Since ´The Chunk`( Im Not Hater Please Open Your Eyes!!) When ´The Chunk` Entered Changed EveryThink... And No One Like ´New CubeCraft`.... The Last CubeCraft Lobbys Is Good, And Why Guys Removed Top Killers?
    Pls See This.......... OMG
    Thanks! <3
    Sincerely: Exciting_PT <3
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    Locking duplicate.
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