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Jan 6, 2016
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I need to be able to make my case that pasting
into chat (not joking) should not warrant a mute lasting god knows how long to the moderation team.

I accidentally clicked "copy image url" as I usually do to save time, and I got muted that way.

Funny because the original image was from twitter.com which is whitelisted.

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Theres no need to make a case though staff just unmute you when they see the link wasn't sent with malicious intent
How do they see that link? Do they have a log that checks for posted links?

We cannot even contact moderators on Discord because some mods have their DMs disabled. I attempted to contact FIVE different mods (already over 10% of the moderation team), only to have Discord send an automated reply that the 4 of the 5 mods' DMs were disabled. With a false mute on the Discord server combined with no way to directly contact staff on Discord, the only way of contacting staff is on the forums. How can the server provide support if there's no good communication?

EDIT: 1 hour after I got muted, I was unmuted and was never told of this. By the time one of the mods (who had their DMs disabled) contacted me on the forums, it was too late.
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