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How to tell if someone has kill aura.

Discussion in 'PvP' started by 1212hawks_, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    Hi, I'm 1212hawks_ and I want to help the Cubecraft community catch all of the wrong doers out there. So here are some ways that all of you guys can decide if someone has kill aura.
    #1 When you hit the player when the player is afk, The player's sword auto hits. Basically if you hit someone who has kill aura, the player's arm would swing his/her arm.
    #2 Every hit the player puts on you is the strongest hit. Basically if the player gets the most critical hit every time the player swings, the player probably has kill aura.
    #3 The Head. If the player's head moves a lot like if the player's head is moving up and down and the head isn't looking at you and the player is hitting you, the player has kill aura.
    #4 The player has anti knock back, well the player hax, unless lag. But if the player looks like he/she's making laggy moves,the player probably doesn't hack and is lagging.
    So this will help people report players and not report the wrong players, remember Gotta catch them all ;) (hackers)