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Have any staff members been punished prior to becoming staff?


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Apr 10, 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria
Yes, in fact, there is a fair possibility I would not be who I am today if I did not get muted.

Back in April 2018, one of my friends reported me two months after getting killed in a Speed EggWars game and raging hard in party chat. Back then, I could have easily been called one of those toxic tryhards, all I cared about was my Speed EggWars leaderboard and having fun with my friends.

The mute hit me with reality though - I was feeling incredibly remorseful after seeing how I have been looking in people's eyes and what that behavior managed to get me to. Dropped a few tears of happiness after I got unmuted because old evidence : ' ) - the genuine happiness was due to the fact I considered this place my second home and this was a second chance for me to prove myself without having people see the shameful past.

That is how I joined the forums - I had huge desire of proving to be better and wanted to know if I had managed to ruin my chances of obtaining a staff role someday. Everything started with something as small as a mute and interest in a staff role, and grew into something so big, full of great relationships, constant personal development, huge achievements, and much stronger connection with this second home than ever before. Today I am an Admin alongside the person who muted me, @Younisco :P

That is why guys, the past does not matter. The here and now, and the future, are the things that truly matter.


Oct 16, 2019
My account was compromised once because I logged in at a friend's place, so I was banned after that, oopsie 😂
I also have gotten a warning for swearing after someone created fake evidence of me swearing in the chat. Unfortunately, the evidence seemed legit so I couldn't prove it was faked, so the warning is still valid :c Though I'm fine with it. As a mod I would've done the same thing if there was no proof of evidence being faked.
EDIT: I went to the staff member again who gave the warning, it's finally undone after 2 years by looking into it again!

After all, I'm never really punished for bad behavior/breaking rules. If I get mad because I lost a fight or died in the void again, I only swear out loud or I just quit the game, because I know that swearing in a public chat doesn't help in any way, it's not worth it (or at least not for me, but I hope I'm not the only one).
I agree ahah


Aug 4, 2017
your spaceship
Am I obligated to post here since I am a former staff member? :monkeylook:

I’ll just do it anyways because it seems like a lot of fun to reply to this thread.

Before I became a staff member, and before most of my accomplishments and feats regarding CubeCraft, I had already been punished four times. I’ve been banned both twice for cheating as for teaming. Even up until this day, I still do not know what I was thinking back then...

Yes, I did cheat and I did team and it’s all rightful

If we’re talking about punishments in general, I have an entire story about how I got banned in Assassinations as a moderator by the one and only @AlexpYT192. They were doing reports and as I had forgotten to vanish myself, I flew around. Apparently somebody had reported me and Alex came to check, didn’t see my name and wowzers! A ban + blocked connection C:
Up until today, this mesmerizing tale has been passed down to a number of people :D.
(I was a meme)

I’m quite proud of the fact that I have never actually been muted, even though I have been banned four times now. If you want to swear, just shout it out in real life. You’re not going to accomplish anything by doing it in an in-game chat. Instead, you will only get a punishment which isn’t always fun.

Now you all know the story about my punishment history :)
(Or not)


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Apr 27, 2019
Amman, Jordan
Yes I got muted 3 times and I had 1 ban, when I was new to the server I wasn't familiar with the rules CubeCraft had. I didn't know that there were punishments if people said something bad. My first punishment was a mute, someone swore against my mother, so I replied back with a swear word. He made a screen of my expletive and reported me, that's were I got my first mute, Second punishment I got from an former admin called "Quetzi" when Speed EggWars got removed (when a lot of things changed) I got massive angry towards CubeCraft staff haha, it was my favorite game, he was in the lobby and I said to him "go to die instead of removing Speed EggWars", and he muted me for 30 days. Third punishment, that happened when I bypassed, I didn't know that if I got banned that it wasn't allowed to bypass. Someone reported me for it, and I got permanently banned, well that's a long history haha 😂

The lesson from all of this is that due to all the punishments I got, I learned a lot and ignited my interest to be a staff member, I think if all this didn't happen you wouldn't see me as a staff member today haha.


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Dec 31, 2015
The Netherlands
Since like so many people from the staff team replied, I'll add on as well.

I have been muted twice, warned once and banned once.

I got muted once (my first mute) for spamming because a friend of mine reported my spam in her /tell message to see if I could actually get muted for it. I appealed for it that I was really sorry (stupid reason and most obvious reason lol) and I got unmuted.

My second mute was for, and I am for real, I have no clue anymore, It's been too long for me to remember that mute. The only thing I know is that I appealed and I got unmuted due to my appeal. So my both mutes were undone because I appealed.

My warning is for swearing. Back in the days when they introduced a new Skywars lobby (and I was a tryhard back then) the lobby was awful (in my opinion ) so I swore in chat while there was a Mod in the lobby (pretty stupid) and so I immediately got warned.

My false ban was a cheating ban by Sentinel. I didn't record at that time unfortunately, but because I made a detailed appeal and told them what I was doing before I got banned, I got unbanned after like 30 minutes.


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Jul 6, 2015
Damn... Guess I'll join in on the party

Got banned twice for hacking, once by Sophie and a second time by Lezappen after being reported by @Megaaa :angrynoot:
Got banned once for teaming, in Infection. One could argue this ban wasn't justified - teaming was very poorly defined, especially for such a game.
Got banned twice for having a compromised account.

Got muted twice for swearing, once by Cynamooo and a second time by AnimalTamer1.



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Jul 3, 2016
I've never been punished on the Minecraft server itself, however, I was banned by spam protection on the forums (got it back after an email to support) by simply not being online for ages after creating the account. I was also falsely banned from the reports site due to a strange client-side glitch affecting how my chat as well as holograms looked like. That issue was solved the same day with help from @FluffyRoses.
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Mar 4, 2015
East-Flanders, Belgium
Ban 1: Using Kill Aura in the lobby. (My friend thought it was funny to hack on my account)
Ban 2: Again falsey banned for hacking.
Ban 3: Banned for Anti-Knockback but it was the old Skywars ability where you get less knockback.
Ban 4: Banned for innapropriate name. I just said hi to Marco and I got banned by him. It was like a 5 minutes ban.
Ban 5: Teaming in solo skywars.

Mute 1: Targetting chat offence.
Mute 2: by @telegamer , for saying 'rtrd'. 😂
Mute 3: Swearing

I think @Priley and I were good boys.
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